Our Year 2003


Selina Storch

On January 28th we become happy parents of a second daughter. Janine is glad to have a little sister. She can hardly wait until Selina is old enough to play with her.

Janine und Selina

sCOOL day

Ganz kurzfristig realisieren wir noch eine Schularealkarte Wolfhausen.

school area map Wolfhausen

This is a big orienteering event for schools. On May 21st more than 1000 schools in Switzerland organize orienteering events on school areas. With 202'000 competitors it is the biggest sport event ever and hopefully it will be entered in the "Guinness Book of Records". Because the teachers of our local school also want to join in, we make an orienteering map of the school area in Wolfhausen.


On May 21st we also help to organize an event. We are very pleased to see, with how much enthusiasm and fun the kids are running from control point to control point.

Great-grandmother and Great-grandfather

At the end of May we spend 3 days with Great-grandmother and Great-grandfather in Heidelberg (Germany). For them it is the first time to see Selina other than on photos. The most popular place (for Janine) is the playground nearby.

World Orienteering Championships

As for our sporting hobbies, the highlights during this year are more in organization than in participation. After the sCOOL day in May there takes also the World Orienteering Championships place in our region. Our club is partly responsible for the relay event. Ourselves, we are guards at a control and have the chance to see some of the worlds best orienteers during their competition.



Concerning sports we are this year more mountain biker than runner. Thanks to baby-sitter Désirée we can sometimes go biking with colleagues. We also take part at special mountain bike competitions, called Bike-O (O for orienteering).


On August 17th Selina becomes baptized. The day is typical for the summer 2003: nice and very hot.

Taufe von Selina


The summer vacation we spend in Vellano (Val Morobbia, Tessin). The children are especially glad that their parents have more time to play with them than usually. But thanks to grandma we can now or then also do something without them.

Arvigo, Calancatal (GR)


This year we spend again much time on working in the garden.



Both children like very much to go 'swimming' with mummy in an indoor pool.



Unbelievable how fast they grow and make progress!


More photos of Janine

More photos of Selina

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