Our Year 2004


Vellano in the snow

Our spring vacation starts with much snow! So we dig snow first and build a little igloo. But soon the snow melts and spring starts in the southern part of Switzerland.

Europa Park

Europa Park

One day in May we spend with Janine and some relatives in the Europa Park. The larger children and their companions queue up for the fast rides and we go after the leisure attractions suitable for small children.

Europa Park

Tanja + Janine


Etang de la Gruere

In June we spend one week in the Jura (region of Switzerland). The holiday village Montfaucon is situated very idyllic. Our little house stands a little apart, but we may use the child-friendly infrastructure also. So we are often seen on a childrens playground or in the indoor swimming pool.

indoor swimming pool

Orienteering trainings


This year we make several orienteering trainings to family happenings. Selina sits in her buggy and Janine stands on the attached board or runs a short distance. Both seek for controls. Selina points at the red/white flag and looks fascinated, how her sister punches the control card.

50km Orienteering

On 29 June dad gets his share also. He participates in the 50-year-anniversary event of the OLG Pfaeffikon - a unique orienteering adventure. In the category called "Duo", two runners split 50km (air-line distance), 1500m climb and over 100 controls. In addition to orienteering one drives after each split with mountain bike and backpack to the start of the next split.

Repair works

Repair works

An unpleasent thing was the loose material at the slope behind our house and a small swamp in the backyard. Both should have been fixed by the general contractor who built the house. Because it is not guaranteed that going to court would be successful, we let it fix on our expenses this spring.



With the birth of our son resp. little brother on 14 July the family is now complete.

Summer holidays

This summer we spend our holidays at home. We all have to adapt to the life in the enlarged family. And there is anyway much to do in and around the house. Therefore we make only a few small (and smallest) trips:
- Zoo Zurich
- Swimming in the lake "Egelsee"
- Picnic in the nearby forest
Fortunately the weather is usually fine, so that the girls can have a good romp outside:

Selina Janine

Vellano again

Like already in May Nonna, Mummy and the children spend some days in Vellano. This time also Nonno and Daddy join for a few days.

Vellano in the rain

Boredom ?

With small children parents are definitly never bored. Besides spontaneous action there are more and more regular dates like Baby-swim, group of plays or gymnastics for mother and child.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year wishes
Nils, Selina, Janine, Kathrin und Juerg

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