Our year 2012

Kathrin Selina Nils Janine Juerg


The sporty hobbies remain the same. During this year Nils learns to read the map and is now also a "real" orienteer.

Nils Selina Janine


This year we spend once more a few days in Vellano (Ticino) and the female part of the family some additional days in an orienteering camp in Ticino.

Bellinzona Nils

World Orienteering Championship

One week of summer vacation we spend together with colleagues of our orienteering club in western Switzerland, where the World Orienteering Championships take place. At the World Championship races we are among the spectators and take part ourselves in a five day orienteering event during the same week - where Janine even may give a winners interview. We enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful scenery and did quite a lot of sight seeing in the city of Lausanne.

Janine, interview
Selina Lausanne
Lausanne Orienteering


During the rest of the holiday we find time for other activities, such as watersports, "Europa Park", rope park or dinosaur museum.

Selina Janine, dinosaur museum Nils, rope park
Selina Europa Park
Selina, rope park Nils Europa Park


For the third time already we spend in autumn a holiday week in Djerba, where we enjoy the sun, the beach and the fine food.

Nils, Djerba Selina, Djerba Janine, Djerba
Beach, Djerba Pool, Djerba
Sea, Djerba